Be a Part

Become a part of the TWINSBAR community now and secure LIFETIME the right to purchase the TWINSBAR for €1! 


This gives you the opportunity to purchase the TWINSBARS for all YOUR mental and physical activities at a price that a conventional chocolate bar also costs! 


We at TWINSBAR make sure that only high-quality and natural ingredients are used during production!!!! 


The PART OF PROGRAM looks like this: You pay a one-time fee of €99.99 and receive 50 TWINSBARs of your choice. After the 50th TWINSBAR, each additional bar will only cost you €1! 


With the Part of program you belong to the TWINSBAR community, which is informed in advance of the further development of the bars and other products. We also want you to be part of a group whose feedback we regularly ask for regarding our bars! 


TWINSBAR is a lifetime PASSION for us. ❤️ 


The most important investors are our customers who consume the TWINSBAR! 




If you have any questions about the program, simply send us an email to or register here:  SHOP