TWINS behind the Bars

Fluma and Kadas World

We are Twins. Active twins. A lot on the go and always on the move. Mentally and physically. 

You need good quality food for that. 

Because nothing works without high-quality food / ingredients. We found that out early in our lives. We have researched, tried and developed. In 2010 we developed and launched our first TWINSBAR. During physical activities, while studying, during periods of stress, when eating healthily. So with an active and valuable life. With the development of today's TWINSBARs, we went one step further. Refined. 100% NATURAL and VEGAN in composition. Faster and more effective. We have brought in more than 30 years of experience. And in our opinion it has paid off. 😎 

TWINSBAR Brainfood & Superfood for all YOUR mental and physical activities. Try our Twinsbar and feel the difference! 


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